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What Is Cross Groove Pan Head Screw

Release time: 2022-07-18

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Actually cross trough pan head screw is to a kind of strengthening and improving the cross slots, general practice is at the top of the cross slot a bearing slots with a connecting screw head slotted type, according to the unique tighten special tools or a screwdriver to screw with large torque to install the actual effect, also can consider fast manufacture must actually work.But the production process is more complicated than cross groove and word groove processing process and there is no very clear specification.

In practical application, it is also a kind of practice that the two groove shapes of the cross groove are separately revolted, so that the groove shape of the finished product is more easily applied in the whole process of practical application, but it will also increase the production cost.

Phillips screws in addition also has a high torque and high torque cross slot and general cross slots bigger difference depends on the cross in the center line of the compression and brain bus duct is not symmetry, but all with the help of the cross the center line of the side, in the application process because all of the moment lay particular stress on compression face side on the other hand, combined with high torque of the bias in the rectangle cross groove groove, prompting the trough type torque loss is very small, screw driver torque to transmit immediately do male greatly improved the cross slot on high speed guidance and the disadvantage of small torque.

However, the network indicates that the abrasive wear of this type of groove is more serious in the production and manufacturing, which will make the production and processing of this type of groove more difficult than the general groove, so it is not necessary to reduce the application of this type of groove when there is a higher torque.