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Custom Mechanical Screw Basic Knowledge

Release time: 2022-07-18

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Custom mechanical screw size tolerance number commonly expressed by large Numbers and figures, digital precision, digital means tolerance zone, threaded express with English capital letter, external thread expressed in lowercase letters, H is base hole system, with thread tolerance zone as the standard, external thread according to actually choose tolerance matching application rules.

Customized mechanical screws, front-end development round head, small tooth spacing, symmetry, generally used to tighten metal materials, equipment components.

Machine screws can be divided into vertical tightening screws and horizontal expansion bolts;

Custom machine screws and triangle screws (60 degrees) differ in area depending on which triangle screw belongs to the self tapping screw, also known as triangle lock screw, or triangle screw.The thread is triangular.It belongs to a unique type of self-tapping screw, whose thread is a general thread with arc triangular cross section and the surface layer of thread is also of high strength. This kind of screw is characterized by low twisting torque and high clamping characteristics.

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